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LGee and Julius Lawyers the leading Chinese Law Firm Chinese Lawyers and Conveyancers in Adelaide


LGee & Julius Lawyers

LGee and Julius Lawyers is a fast growing and highly progressive law firm in Adelaide. We have lawyers with 30 years of experience across a broad range of legal fields, including property development, business law, dispute resolution, family law and mediation, liquor licensing, wills and estates, and conveyancing.

We deliver what our clients need and achieve the best results with a combination of skill, knowledge, determination and understanding of our clients.


We form enduring relationships with our clients which allows us to serve in a sensible and effective way, in our clients’ best interests. We are deeply committed to the following four principles when we undertake our work:


We work skillfully and efficiently to achieve the best possible results for clients.


We operate with integrity and communicate with openness, honesty and precision.

Peace of mind

We understand that legal issues can be confusing and stressful. We support our clients by being approachable and caring, listening to our clients and using easy to understand language. Our clients feel comfortable with us and can be confident that we will manage their legal issues in a professional and considerate manner. 


We approach our legal fees a step at a time with clarity and transparency. Our clients offer us their trust and we are deeply committed to delivering genuine value. 

LGee and Julius Lawyers 律师事务所是阿德莱德的一家快速发展和高度进步的律师事务所。我们拥有30年经验的律师,涵盖了广泛的法律领域,包括房地产开发、商业法、争议解决、家庭法和调解、酒类许可证、遗嘱和遗产以及产权过户。


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