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Lin Wang Chinese Lawyer 阿德莱德律师
Lin Wang

P: 0402 719 218

Lin Wang is a distinguished Solicitor with a wealth of expertise across various sectors of law, including property dealings, business transactions, family law, and criminal law. Her academic journey exhibits a commitment to legal excellence and a breadth of knowledge. Lin holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the University of South Australia, a qualification that lays the foundation for her analytical and meticulous approach to law.

Her practical legal skills were further refined upon completion of a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law, preparing her for the rigors of legal practice with hands-on experience. Lin's specialization in property law is highlighted by her Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing from TafeSA, equipping her with the expertise to navigate property transactions with precision and care.

In addition to her legal qualifications, Lin possesses a Master of Human Resources Management from the University of South Australia, providing her with unique insights into the human aspects of business operations, which is invaluable in her business transactions practice.

As a female Solicitor, Lin brings a unique perspective to her practice, advocating for her clients with both passion and a deep understanding of the law. Her diverse educational background and professional experience make her a formidable advocate and a trusted advisor to her clients.

Property Dealings
Business Transactions
Family Law
Criminal Law
Education & Qualifications
Bachelor of Laws (Honours) – University of South Australia 
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) -- College of Law
Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing – TafeSA
Master of Human Resources Management -- University of South Australia
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