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Practice Areas


Commercial Law

Building and Construction Law, Corporate and Commercial Law and Property Law, 

Building and construction law

With more than 35 years’ experience in the development, property and construction industries, we know the industry and understand the challenges that can arise. 
Our building and construction lawyer can assist with your building and infrastructure work such as: 

  • Preparing and providing advice on building and construction contracts

  • Worker lien

  • Assisting with building and construction dispute resolution 

Corporate and commercial law

Operating a business is no easy task. Our corporate and commercial lawyers aim to protect our client interests. Our approach is not only to provide specialised legal advice to our clients, but also to provide business advice that is practical in the real world. 


  • Assist with choosing the best legal structure, such as a partnership, corporation that is morst suited to the needs of our clients

  • Help structure Joint Ventures, Strategic alliances and other Partnering arrangement

  • Preparing and reviewing shareholder agreements

  • Licenses, distribution and supply agreements 

  • Agreements for the purchase or sale of business and other kinds of business contracts 

Property Law

At LGee and Julius Lawyers, our legal team can handle a variety of projects for clients. 

Our team are very well versed in the process of:

  • Acquisitions and sales of commercial, retail, office, industrial, vacant, and improved lands 

  • Preparation of the Contract

  • Construction contract

  • Leasing

  • Project development



Residential Conveyancing, Commercial Conveyancing, Land Division, Project Management, Business Sale, Leasing, 
Justice of the peace 

Buying, selling or developing a property can be exciting but it can be incredibly stressful. At LGee & Julius lawyers, our expert dedicate to saving you time and money in the conveyancing matter. We are experts in dealing with various types of conveyancing services. We are here to provide you with all high- quality conveyancing services which will make your settlement process easier on all accounts. There is always one of our friendly experienced experts available to answer any queries or concerns that you may have.

We will keep you informed on any stage to do with your settlement, whether they be a simple matter or one of the most trying of circumstances. 


Family Law

Children’s Support & Children’s Living Arrangements, De Facto Relationships and Domestic Partnerships, Divorce, Domestic and International Relocation of Children, Hague Convention, Property, Spousal Maintenance

LGee & Julius Lawyers recognise the pain of relationship breakdown, separation, or divorce for married or de facto couples, and even more so where there are children involved.

Our aim is to be there for you, providing logical and practical advice to produce both a fair and successful outcome. We will support you in putting your life back on track. 

We provide legal expertise in all areas of family law and de facto relationship law.

•    Children’s Support & Children’s Living Arrangements

•    De Facto Relationships and Domestic Partnerships

•    Divorce
•    Domestic and International Relocation of Children

•    Hague Convention

•    Property

•    Spousal Maintenance

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution 

At LGee & Julius Lawyers, we have a hard-working team who are specialised in litigation and dispute resolution. Our approach is to develop a customised strategy for each client – always with our client’s individual objectives in mind.
Our litigation and dispute resolution team will work with and for you, to develop strategies for each stage of your matter.
We recognise the importance in undertaking a detailed assessment of our client’s matters, from the very beginning, to tailor their approach and to identify and minimise any potential risk our clients may have in proceeding with their matter.
Our litigation and dispute resolution team make it a priority to maintain an honest, open, and transparent relationship with our clients. We can ensure you that we will always have your best interest in mind.

Whatever the subject matter, your success is our priority.

Should you need legal advice and/or assistance in relation to a dispute or litigation matter, or simply want to learn more about how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Wills and Estate Planning

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives, Probate and Estate Administration, Family and Testamentary Trusts

LGee & Julius Lawyers recognise the importance of working closely with our clients to ensure all aspects of their Wills and Estate Planning affairs are in order.

Our aim is to be there for you, providing logical and practical advice, whilst being sensitive to your needs in ensuring the appropriate management of your future wealth. 

LGee & Julius Lawyers can provide legal expertise in the following areas:

•    Wills 

•    Powers of Attorney

•    Advance Care Directives

•    Probate and Estate Administration

•    Family and Testamentary Trusts

We offer competitive fixed fee pricing for our Estate Planning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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